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"We invite you to try our 100% natural shake, help us make this happen!"

About Fonan

Eating a varied and balanced diet is vital for our mental and physical health, but our busy lives can cause us to neglect our diet. We need a complete and quick alternative, able to provide the right amount of nutrients.

Our shakes have all the recommended essential nutrients, a perfect balance of the carbohydrates, proteins, essential fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals you need every morning.

Composed of slow-digesting ingredients that help you to satisfy your hunger and perform with energy in your working hours.

Made 100% in Spain using the best ingredients to guarantee the sustainability of the process and high quality of the product.

Quick, practical and economical, a breakfast that will change the way you face each morning.

Just shake, drink and make the most of your day

Benefits of Fonan

Our products

  • Chocolate

    Fonan chocolate flavour (1kg equivalent to 20 breakfasts)
  • Vanilla

    1.5 kg Fonan vanilla flavour
  • Coffee

    Fonan coffee flavour (1kg equivalent to 20 breakfasts)

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