Stay satiated and energized

We mix natural ingredients such as oats, pea protein or spirulina to provide you with a satiating, energetic and healthy breakfast

  • Optimal nutrition

    With prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes that support digestion and nutrient absorption

  • Energy

    Ingredients that improve memory, reduce inflammation and combat the effects of stress

  • Vitamins and minerals

    Superfoods that provide the dose of vitamins and minerals recommended by the WHO

  • Unsweetened

    Without artificial sweeteners or aromas, our shakes are made with natural ingredients

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What they say about Fonan

  • "I've tried the chocolate one and it seemed unbeatable, really"

  • "Yesterday I tried Fonan and it is very tasty. Really congratulations guys!"

  • "I just took your Fonan and it freaked me out"

  • "I tried Fonan today. Historic. When I have a normal breakfast I get hungry but with Fonan today I lasted until 15:00, perfect!"
  • "Just yesterday I opened it to try it and it was very, very tasty! My favorite is the coffee one!"

  • "My sister has told me that she wants more coffee hahahaha"

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