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5 nutritious and healthy shakes to start your day with energy

With nutritious shakes we understand those shakes that are healthy due to their high amount of natural foods that they contain and that provide us with energy and vitamins to face the difficulties of everyday life.

In this article we will provide you with 5 simple recipes for healthy and nutritious shakes, here we go!

1. Apple and chia

It is a perfect option to protect our heart , combat constipation, and prevent cardiovascular problems.

2. Avocado and cocoa

It is an incredible option to get energy quickly and keep us healthy. Avocado is a source of vitamin E and provides us with a good amount of healthy fats.

3. Banana, oats, cinnamon and almonds

The banana provides a great source of potassium and energy as it is a carbohydrate just like oats. On the other hand, cinnamon is a powerful antimicrobial and almonds provide us with healthy fats and proteins .

4. Coconut and strawberries

Little to add to this mix: an incredible and healthy flavor thanks to the fact that coconut is a food rich in healthy fats, while strawberry is an antioxidant.

5. Natural Fonan Energy

At Fonan we have prepared a shake that is satiating and healthy at the same time , it is healthy and provides energy quickly and easily so that you can get the most out of your day to day.

If you don't know which flavor to choose between coffee , chocolate and vanilla , we recommend you try the tasting pack at a really reduced price.

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