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How to lose weight

In these times where the world and the fitness industry is at the forefront, there are many people and gurus who claim to sell secret formulas to lose fat.

When people want to "lose weight" they really mean to lose fat and, for this, it is necessary to comply with a good diet and a training adapted to each person: level, lifestyle, adaptations...

Calorie deficit

To get to the point: to achieve fat loss you need to generate a caloric deficit in your body.

What is this? Consuming fewer calories than your body expends or expending more calories than you consume with the food you eat, it's as simple as that.

We must remember that everything is a matter of balance and that caloric deficit is a matter of quantity.

How many calories do I need per day?

The calories of each person are something individual, as it depends on many personal factors such as age, weight, height or daily physical activity.

You can use this calculator to find out your daily maintenance calories, i.e. the calories by which you neither gain nor lose weight.

How do I count calories?

Most foods carry their nutritional information as a label somewhere on the packaging. The most important nutritional information of the foods you eat (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) and the amount you consume of these you will have to add them to a daily calorie counting application, such as fatsecret or myfitnesspal.

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