What is spirulina? Why is it the superfood you need?

Have you ever heard of spirulina? If not, you'll thank me.

Today we are going to talk about one of the superfoods with the most benefits for your body, which you may want to add to your diet so that you can make the most of your hours of exercise.

But what exactly is Spirulina? Spirulina is a bluish-green microalgae that has traditionally been used as a dietary supplement due to its high protein, vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content. Today, it has become a very popular food supplement due to its multiple health benefits. Here we explain some of them:


Rich in protein

Spirulina is one of the richest sources of vegetable protein, with up to 70% protein in its composition. This makes it a perfect supplement for vegetarians and vegans , as well as those looking to increase their protein intake. Proteins have the function of maintaining, repairing and generating muscle, so a high consumption is key so that your body can keep up with your physical effort.


Strengthens the immune system

It is high in antioxidants and vitamins (vitamin E and all the B vitamins) that help strengthen the immune system. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases.


Improves digestion

Spirulina is rich in fiber and helps you improve digestion. In addition, its high chlorophyll content helps to detoxify and maintain a balance in the body's pH . Lacking cellulose, it is much easier to digest, even for people with poor intestinal absorption.


Helps lower blood pressure

It contains an amino acid called arginine that helps lower blood pressure. This makes it an ideal supplement for those looking to control their blood pressure naturally.


Improve sports performance

It is rich in essential minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium , which are important for sports performance. In addition, its high protein content helps build muscle and improve endurance.


Bottom Line: Spirulina is rich in protein , vitamins , and minerals , and can help strengthen the immune system , improve digestion , lower blood pressure , and improve athletic performance .


FONAN is a very easy and delicious way to include spirulina in your day to day. Also, with the combination of other superfoods such as Guarana or Baobab , we can say that it is one of the most complete shakes on the market :)

You can take a look at this link:

So don't wait any longer and add spirulina to your diet!


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